SFR could finally cut more than 1,000 jobs

by bold-lichterman

1000 to 1200. This is the number of job cuts that SFR could announce on July 3, according to Sunday Newspaper information, which relies on several sources close to the operator.

A figure revised upwards. Indeed, on June 18, Strategies magazine understood that between 700 and 800 jobs were affected by the voluntary departure plan, out of a total of 10,000 employees.

SFR could finally cut more than 1000 jobs

According to the JDD, the job cuts should affect, in the first place, the commercial services positions, those of the distribution network, as well as those of call centers run by subcontractors. The voluntary departure plan should be effective next fall.

The weekly specifies, moreover, that this social plan is part of a broader savings program, initiated by Vivendi. This could amount to € 1 billion, ie double what Strategies previously indicated.

According to Le Figaro, after Free’s sensational arrival on the mobile market, SFR could be faced with a 15% drop in its margin rate.