SEO: Google is shaking the web planet

by bold-lichterman

Expected since last March, the new version of Google Penguin is now available. It is Matt Cutts, head of the fight against spam at Google, who gave the official kick-off of this latest version yesterday during the television show “The Week in Google”.

Presented as the most important update of the filter since its launch, this new generation of algorithm should have a very important impact in the fight against spamdexing. Matt Cutts explained, in fact, that previous versions of the algorithm only focused on the home pages of sites while this brand new version, called for the occasion Penguin 2.0, will go much more in depth.

In a blog post, the “Mr. SEO of Google” also specified that the deployment of the new filter was now complete and that it currently affected 2.3% of English and American requests. The deployment also concerns all the other languages.

Photo credit: Shutterstock, millions of photos, illustrations, vectors and videos