[Sémantique] Should we fear Google’s intelligent engine?

by bold-lichterman

The issue has gained new headlines since the Wall Street Journal reported a few days ago comments by Amit Singhal, figure in R&D at Google.

Since the acquisition in 2010 of Metaweb Technologies, the specialist in semantics, that Google is very interested in the possibility of providing Internet users with direct answers to complex questions. The engine is already doing it on basic searches (weather forecast, cinema, calculation…) but could soon launch, in a new semantic dimension, a real paving stone in the search pond.

Semantique Should we fear Googles intelligent engine

Its engine, made “intelligent” would be able to provide very qualified and direct responses to cutting-edge research, results which would of course come to the first position on search pages to the potential detriment of all the services developed with relevance around SEO. natural. We obviously think of Wikipedia.

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