[Semaine spéciale Berlin] Tweek TV, a social TV guide for iOS

by bold-lichterman

Launched in April 2011, Tweek TV is a program guide only available on iOS. The first version was designed for iPad, it is now available on iPhone and iPod touch.
Concretely, Tweek TV makes it possible to consult TV content according to several parameters: centers of interest, recommendations, news… The application indicates where and how to view them: on VOD or live from your tablet or iPhone.

What is new about this next generation TV program is its social functionality. The application retrieves data from social networks, and makes an algorithm work from the “Interest Graph”. For the moment, 8 million recommendations are already listed on the interface.

Tweek TV, a company run by a team of three Germans, raised funds last year from investors like Euroserve Media and Catagonia Capital. The team is mentored by Christophe Maire, one of the most influential French people in the Berlin ecosystem.

Interview with Marcel Duee, co-founder of Tweek TV in Berlin: