[Semaine Russie] Mobile trends seen by MTS, the operator with 230 million subscribers

by bold-lichterman

The Hub Forum in Moscow invited several players from the Russian digital market. A major mobile operator, MTS, was part of the guest panel.

MTS is indeed the main operator in Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. With its subsidiaries, the group serves more than 105 million mobile subscribers in Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia and Belarus, a region representing a total population of over 230 million inhabitants. The operator provides a range of services ranging from telephony (IP, voice) to broadband Internet. It is also a provider of paid content, which the Russians are quite fond of: every month, 1/4 of users buy content every month via their mobile.

Marc Sommer is a German who heads the innovation and product branch of MTS. He gives us his vision of the booming Russian market, and the uasges of mobile users, big consumers of content.
Interview in English with Marc Sommer, Director for products & innovation – MTS at the Hub Forum in Moscow

Key figures of the mobile market in Russia :