Sellsy focuses on the well-being of its employees to optimize the sales management of its customers

by bold-lichterman

Far from the effervescence of the Parisian ecosystem, Sellsy opted for a more peaceful setting on the shores of the Atlantic, in La Rochelle. Born in 2009 under the leadership of Alain Mevellec and Frédéric Coulais, the start-up, which develops a software solution to help companies optimize the management of their sales, has experienced tremendous growth since its inception. To date, Sellsy claims more than 15,000 users.

This good health of La Rochelle society is above all to be attributed to an entrepreneurial climate which gives pride of place to the well-being of employees. Indeed, the company, spread over 600 square meters, offers them many opportunities to develop fully in their work. “When I tell a lot of business leaders that we have a table football, a nice Nerf range or even a gym, everyone thinks that our employees are not working. Yet it is the opposite effect», Notes Frédéric Coulais, co-founder and president of Sellsy.

This relaxed atmosphere has enabled the company to grow and strengthen its range of services for its customers to improve their support. “Initially, we had designed a very simple billing system. Today, we are really developing a modular solution that allows us to adapt to various scenarios of increasingly large companies», Explains Alain Mevellec, co-founder and CEO of Sellsy.