Selectionnist, the “Magazine Shazam”, wants to analyze data for brands

by bold-lichterman

Until now, the Parisian start-up Selectionnist was best known as the “Fashion or Magazine Shazam”, its application allowing you to find the references of a product that appeared in a magazine for example. From now on, it is in B2B that the company intends to accelerate, in particular thanks to the numerous data it collects. “We realized that the data that we collected through this application had a lot of value (…) and we gradually developed new marketing tools (…)”, explains to Frenchweb Lara Rouyres, the co-founder of Selectionnist.

Selectionnist has thus developed the “Spotted” software which aims to provide brands with access to services based on this data: watch over the appearances of their products in magazines, identify products that have attracted attention and generated commitment. among customers, sharing their press reviews on social networks… Beyond fashion brands, Selectionnist also wants to develop solutions for press publishers. According to Lara Rouyres, it could be, for example, to carry out commercial operations or to better understand their readership.

Behind this new offer, Selectionnist also intends to diversify its sources of income. To finance the development of this B2B solution, the company can in particular rely on its fundraising of 2 million euros completed a year ago with Elaia Partners and Congliano.

Interview with Lara Rouyres, co-founder of Selectionnist:

Founders: Tatiana Jama and Lara Rouyres

Creation: 2013

The head office : Paris

Activity: services in the fashion sector

Funding: 2 million euros raised in 2015

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