Seesmic launches the Salesforce app for Android

by bold-lichterman

As part of the annual conference of Salesforce, which opens today in San Francisco, Seesmic, the company founded by Loic le Meur and a Salesforce partner, is launching a new “Seesmic CRM” application for Android. The iPad version should be released very soon.

Seesmic launches the Salesforce app for AndroidLast february, the Seesmic and teams had worked on integrating the Seesmic Desktop application with Salesforce Chatter, a collaborative platform for company employees (document exchange, application, process, etc.) Since this partnership, users of Salesforce Chatter can therefore also monitor comments posted on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter in real time. had thus brought real added value by making the link between the company’s internal communication network and external social networks.

Today, Seesmic is once again developing its business services, by launching these two applications which allow to bring the traditional functionalities of Saleforces CRM on the platforms of Google and soon Apple. Users can therefore now, from an Android terminal, have access to information concerning the profile of their customers, but also manage their current tasks, events and contacts. Finally, the application offers a geolocation service allowing their customers to be viewed on a map on each trip.

Last February, Seesmic raised $ 4 million in funds from and ofSoftbank Group. The company has therefore accumulated a total of $ 16 million invested since its creation in three rounds.