[Scoop.it] Publishing from your iPhone is now possible!

by bold-lichterman

In addition to its web curation platform, Scoopit launches on iPhone, and is available on the AppStore. From his smartphone, users can now publish their magazine on-the-go.

Thanks to this mobile version, Scoop.it hopes to boost an audience which now stands at 2M visits / month, up 30%. The blogging platform, created in 2010 after the adventure Goojet, is available in other BtoB offers: Scoop.it Business, launched in November, which allows its magazine to be integrated into a white label and to manage its analytics, and Scoop.it Pro for bloggers.

Interview with Guillaume Decugis, co-founder of Scoop.it.

Scoop.it was co-founded among others by Marc Rougier who had founded Meiosys, since acquired by IBM, and Guillaume Decugis, ex-founder of Musiwave, acquired by Microsoft.