Satellites: why the EU should have its own constellation

by bold-lichterman

The European Union must have its own constellation of satellites to provide high-speed Internet and thus strengthen its strategic autonomy, the French newspaper told the French newspaper on Wednesday. Le Figaro European Commissioner Thierry Breton, who wants ” propose quickly “ this project. “Europe is autonomous in satellite navigation, with Galileo, and in Earth observation and surveillance, with Copernicus”, pleads the Commissioner for the Internal Market, responsible in particular for space issues.

But to develop the digital economy, he also judges “ It is desirable that, in the coming decade, it acquire a satellite system combining geostationary satellites and a LEO (low orbit) constellation, equipped with encrypted systems and quantum technologies ” dedicated to high speed internet. “In addition to our high-quality high-speed terrestrial networks, satellite constellations will strengthen the strategic autonomy of our connectivity infrastructures”, pleads the European Commissioner, who seeks to preserve the budget of 16 billion allocated to the space provided by the Commission for the budgetary period 2021-2027 and planed at the request of certain Member States. “We are already at 15 billion in the current negotiations, that is to say further very far”, he added.

While the operator OneWeb went bankrupt, Europe has not positioned itself as a potential buyer of its telecommunications satellite constellation project, 74 of which are already in orbit. ” We looked at the file, including its technical aspect. In any bankruptcy, there is probably not just one reason. It quickly became clear to us that OneWeb could not meet our ambitions of connectivity and strategic autonomy ”, he pleads. American justice must designate the buyer in the coming days.