[San Francisco] At the heart of the launch of X.commerce, eBay’s open platform

by bold-lichterman

During the’Innovate Developer Conference 2011 in San Francisco a few days ago, eBay unveiled its new big project, X.commerce, an “open e-commerce platform”.

X.commerce, now operational, is based on the group’s many recent acquisitions: Magento, (free e-commerce platform), the heart of the system, GSI Commerce (logistics specialist), Zong (mobile payment), RedLaser (barcode scanning via mobile), Milo (local shopping engine), as well as on its new Paypal Access solution, allowing to finalize an act of purchase by entering only your Paypal email and password without creating an account on the merchant site.
A range of services enriched by numerous partnerships with, among others, Adobe for technology, Kenshoo for the publication of sponsored links and advertisements on Google and Facebook.

Interview during the launch of X.commerce with Matthew Mengerink, VP – General Manager of the platform, Neal Sample, CTO

X.commerce’s ambition is to bring together in a single platform, around Magento, all the solutions that the developers of the ecosystem will want to make enter into the loop and monetize via a real marketplace of extensions. eBay thus hopes to offer merchants centralized access to all future developments, particularly around mobile and local dimensions.
The platform provides for new bridges between e.commerce and convenience stores with the possibility of purchasing products online to be picked up immediately in a store near your home. All of the group’s entities are involved in the development of X.commerce via new services, APIs and SDK for developers.

Interview with Alexandre Hoffmann, CEO of Paypal France.

eBay has just announced net income of € 357 million for the third quarter of 2011, or 14% more than for the equivalent 2010 period (€ 312 million).