Samsung offers Joyent to have its own cloud

by bold-lichterman

South Korean Samsung has just announced the signing of an agreement to acquire the American firm Joyent, public and private cloud provider. This operation was carried out by the group’s Global Innovation Center with a view to improving its cloud computing offer to its users.

We work closely with start-ups to bring new software and services into Samsung, and one of the ways to do that is through strategic acquisitions.Said David Eun, president of Samsung’s Global Innovation Center. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed but Samsung, in a press release published on his blog, specifies that Joyent will continue to operate “as an independent company”.

The cloud, an already saturated market

Since the late 1960s and its beginnings in the electronics industry, Samsung has built its success on producing high-tech products, especially with televisions, computers, tablets and smartphones. However, in this technological arsenal, the South Korean firm was until then behind in the cloud market. The Asian manufacturer was thus obliged to go through a third party to benefit from this service.

Samsung is preparing to correct the situation with the acquisition of Joyent, which will allow it to acquire a cloud platform to complete its range in the mobile telephony sector, the Internet of Things and online services. “As one of the world’s largest consumers of public cloud and storage, Samsung will immediately benefit from direct access to Joyent’s technology, leadership and talent.», Explains the South Korean firm. By launching into the cloud, Samsung will have to face stiff competition with players in the sector, such as Google, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce and Citrix.

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