Salesforce Ventures invests in Apttus, specialized in contract management

by bold-lichterman

American Apttus, publisher of CPQ (Configure, price and quote) hosted remotely, has just raised 41 million dollars in series B. This company publishes order management software, complementary to CRM, whose purpose is to manage the second half of the sales cycle (invoicing, debt collection, etc.).

Main investor: Salesforce Ventures, the fund associated with the company. According to Kirk Krappe, CEO of Apttus Quoted by TechCrunch, this is the largest investment made by this fund in a company over which it did not take full control. The K1 Capital and Iconiq funds also participated in this round.

Although this is not the path that Kirk Krappe describes, it is possible that Apttus will go for an IPO or be bought out, eventually, eventually by Salesforce. In September 2013, the company had already raised $ 37 million in series A. In total, it has therefore raised $ 78 million since its creation in 2006. In this CPQ market, it faces larger companies. sizes such as Oracle and Amazon.