Salesforce May Acquire Slack Corporate Messaging Soon

by bold-lichterman

U.S.-based Salesforce is planning to buy out corporate messaging Slack, reported on Wednesday. Wall Street Journal, making the stock market jump the title of the young growth particularly in vogue since the start of the pandemic. Slack’s action, which entered Wall Street in June 2019, rose to 32% after the news was released before being temporarily suspended for several minutes. It was still up almost 24% around 6:00 p.m. GMT.

Salesforce, a company specializing in IT services that allow businesses to interact with their customers, fell almost 3%. According to the business daily, the two groups have started talks for a deal that would likely value Slack above the group’s market cap at the time of the first news release of around $ 17 billion.

“A snowball effect on the entire Tech sector”

If it materializes, this operation “Would have a snowball effect on the entire Tech sector”, says Dan Ives, expert at Wedbush. According to him, one can imagine a series of marriages in the whole of the sector of dematerialized IT services (cloud), especially as Salesforce would assert itself more and more as a rival of Microsoft, owner of Teams, a competitor of Slack . Salesforce has carried out several large-scale transactions in recent years, with the 2018 acquisition of MuleSoft for approximately $ 6.5 billion and the 2019 acquisition of Tableau for $ 15.7 billion.

Slack, which offers solutions that make it easier to collaborate on projects online, is experiencing strong growth with the boom in teleworking. During the last publication of its quarterly results, the group reported an increase in its turnover of 49% over one year for the months of May, June and July, to 216 million dollars. He then claimed 130,000 paying customers.