Sales of smartphones will supplant those of standard mobiles in 2013

by bold-lichterman

Yes PC sales expected to be down for the second year in a row in 2013, smartphone sales continued to grow, the firm IDC tells us in its Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker study, published yesterday.

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With 918.6M smartphones sold, 2013 will be the year in which the latter should supplant standard mobiles, representing 50.1% of the total mobile telephony market. In 2012, smartphones only represented nearly 42% of phones sold worldwide.

According to’IDC, China, already the world’s largest market, will account for nearly a third of this increase with the sale of 301M additional smartphones. The United States and the United Kingdom complete the podium with 137.5 and 35.5M respectively of smartphones sold.

Lower prices for extended ranges and the development of the 4G network explain the democratization of smartphones in the global mobile telephony landscape.

In 2017, smartphone sales are expected to represent 1.5 billion units, or 65% of total sales. The emerging countries of India and Brazil will gradually take the place of the United Kingdom and Japan in the ranking of the most equipped nations, still behind China and the United States.

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