Russia: thousands of protesters against a law to “isolate” the Internet

by bold-lichterman

Thousands of people demonstrated Sunday in Russia against a bill to create an Internet independent, but which its detractors accuse of “censorship” and of to “isolate” the country from the rest of the world. An authorized demonstration in Moscow and events of smaller scale across Russia were organized against this draft chamber lower Parliament. In the name of the fight for computer security, he plans to prevent Russian sites run through foreign servers. This proposal has been criticized as an attempt to control the content, or even gradually isolate the Russian Internet in a context of increasing pressure from authorities on online freedoms.

“One month in prison for a tweet “

According to the organizers, 15,000 people were present during the demonstration in Moscow. Activists for the freedom of the media and the internet have expressed themselves there. The government is fighting freedom, including freedom on the Internet. I can tell you that as a person who spent a month in jail for a tweet “, launched Sergei Boïko, an activist from Siberia to the crowd. Several people were arrested in Moscow for no apparent reason. A AFP journalist saw man being carried by police by the feet and arms. Last week, the famous Russian online messenger Telegram that the authorities sought – in vain – to block several times, had called its users to attend this event.

On his official account, Telegram had stated that this bill aimed at ” isolate Russia from the rest of the world ”, which would then allow ” block foreign social networks and couriers ”. The aim of this bill, which has yet to be validated in a second decisive reading, is ” total censorship ”, had added Telegram. A petition launched by a Russian group for the defense of freedoms on Internet calls for the abandonment of this proposal which could, according to this group, lead Russia ” towards an anti-utopia à la Georges Orwell. “