[Rumeur] Free Mobile would offer an entry package at only 6 euros per month?

by bold-lichterman

The figures have now been circulating for a few hours on the web. The tariffs of Free mobile would have leaked. At the origin of this buzz, the stock market TradingSatS which explains in an article that UBS would have lifted the veil on the long-awaited pricing of the mobile offer offered by Free.

Rumeur Free Mobile would offer an entry package at onlyIf this information was confirmed, Free would throw a real stone in the pond. Indeed:

    • Its first plan would start at € 5.99, offering 2 hours of calls with SMS and unlimited calls to Free lines.
    • Then would come a package at € 9.99, including 5 hours of calls with unlimited SMS and unlimited calls to landlines, plus 2 GB of data.
    • Finally, its “all unlimited” offer would be billed at € 29.90 per month, with unlimited calls to all operators in France but also to the United States and Canada, plus SMS and unlimited Internet. Small bonus, Free (Internet) subscribers could benefit from a 10 € reduction, or a package at only 19.99 € per month! On the other hand, the UBS analyst would not specify whether this offer includes WiFi access via Free hotspots and access to TV.

As a reminder, the new formula Orange “Sosh”, which is positioned as a competitor, offers “unlimited everything” for 39 euros per month.

Only downside of the article, the offer is announced for the month of November while Free recently indicated that it would not be available that in January 2012