Room Checking wants to anticipate the demands of hotel guests

by bold-lichterman

More and more, Internet users consult customer reviews available on the Internet before booking a hotel. To guarantee them a stay without unpleasant surprises, Room Checking offers to digitize the daily life of hotels, from cleaning rooms to making reservations, until customers leave. Objectives: improve the service provided, and meet consumer requirements. ” Today, in the hotel industry, there are technologies to book, to buy (…), but there is no technology in the hotel itself. This is what Room Checking comes to do », Explains Jonathan Weizman, co-founder of Room Checking.

The solution makes it possible, for example, to consult the status of each room or to calculate the optimal order for cleaning the rooms to ensure that they will be available as soon as customers arrive. More details with Jonathan Weizman, co-founder of Room Checking.

Founders: Jonathan Weizman and Emile Lugassy

Creation: 2013

Market : B2B management solution for the hotel industry

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