RogerVoice, artificial intelligence for the hearing impaired

by bold-lichterman

The telephone has today become a powerful tool. This is why Olivier Jeannel, hard of hearing since his childhood, created in October 2013 Rogervoice. The application allows hearing impaired people to make phone calls. The tool subtitles conversations in real time and transcribes users’ writings via an electronic voice.


Accessible on Android and iOS, RogerVoice is available in nearly 90 languages. “The idea is to give this feeling of freedom to all people because deafness has no borders.», Explains Olivier Jeannel, founder of the start-up. Today, RogerVoice records more than 30,000 downloads. The users are present in more than 5000 cities. “The impact of our solution is not only the number of people who use the application but how many people have benefited from it», Continues Olivier Jeannel.

A free tool

The application is free to download. Users who each have the tool can communicate for free. On the other hand, calls become chargeable when calling an external number (the first month is free), because each person is not obliged to download RogerVoice. The packages range from 5.99 euros to 29.99 euros per month.

The start-up is also developing on the side of large companies and administrations. In fact, since October 2016, they have been required to offer telephone accessibility to hearing-impaired people. For this, RogerVoice installs a small tool, which looks like Messenger, on the company’s website. The call is thus launched from the page.

Key data:

  • Founder: Olivier Jeannel
  • Release date : October 2013
  • Fundraising : 500,000 euros in April 2016
  • Activity: communication
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