[Robotique de services] Innorobo: 3 days of innovation in Lyon

by bold-lichterman

The second edition of Innorobo lounge has just opened its doors. A major event for service robotics professionals, the event is taking place in Lyon and will end on March 16. A panel of robots from around the world should therefore be in the spotlight for three days … Attention could also be focused on the French Aldebaran Robotic, who vigorously denies information published by the Financial Times, according to which he would have been bought by Japanese SoftBank…

Robotique de services Innorobo 3 days of innovation in Lyon

In total, nearly 120 participants attended this event, which will revolve around 6 major themes: domestic robotics, medical robotics, robots in the city, educational and leisure robotics, Human interface and interaction. Robot and finally cloud robotics.

Among the expected announcements, French company Robopolis is expected to present 8 new products, including two new robot mops called Scooba and two new models of its robot vacuum cleaners, known as Roomba. The show should also be an opportunity to discover Aldebaran Robotics’ famous robo Nao or Kibo-kist, a humanoid specimen developed by South Korea or the British Robothespian. In total, nearly 100 robots of 14 different nationalities should be presented at the Palais des Congrès in Lyon.

Numerous conferences will also animate this meeting. Finally, a new interactive area will be open to the general public: a true Living Lab, this space will allow the public to attend demonstrations, participate in workshops, competitions and other conference debates.

According to the International Federation of Robotics, the global service robotics market would weigh more than € 2.6 billion and could reach € 76 billion in 2020.