Right of censorship for Google: “This right gives platforms the possibility of having an editorial line”

by bold-lichterman

Google has the right of censorship in the United States, according to a judgment rendered this Wednesday by a Court of California. The San Francisco Court of Appeal has just dismissed the complaint of the conservative media outlet PragerU which accused YouTube of having violated the First Amendment to the American Constitution, which notably governs freedom of expression and of the press. PragerU accuses Youtube of having “arbitrarily” limited access to some of its videos. This therefore means that giants like Google can freely delete content on their platform.

The conservative outlet claims that similar videos uploaded by more liberal media had not been treated the same. The YouTube platform welcomed the decision of the Court of Appeal to confirm a judgment taken at first instance. ” Products Google do not discriminate politically ”YouTube spokesperson Farshad Shadloo said in a statement to AFP.

Alain Bensoussan, a lawyer specializing in advanced technology law, nevertheless sees this decision as a real step forward for platforms. ” It is not a question of censorship but of an editorial choice, which raises the question of their responsibility as a content host ”, he explains to our microphone.

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