[Revue high tech] the news of the week

by bold-lichterman

Discovery of Romo, the robot-smartphone and return on the three high tech news that marked the week: ViewSonic, LG and Nokia

[Gadget de la semaine] Romo, the robot-smartphone at your service


Romo is a Kickstarter project of the Romotive company. This little Robot whose brain is powered by your iPhone can move around, bring you your cup of coffee, chat with you, etc. A real geek object, which simply works for a

dedicated iPhone application. Romo has been around for more than a year and presents here its V3 on Kickstarter.

The project ends in 19 days and a production line is already operational in China so that 2,000 units are ready for shipment for all participants who have put at least $ 150 into the project.

Finally, Romotive is working with the chain of stores Neiman Marcus to include the Romo in its catalog for the end of year celebrations.

Three high tech news of the week

ViewSonic unveils its SmartDisplay VSD220

1605978572 267 Revue high tech the news of the weekViewsSonic presented its “SmartDisplay VSD220” this week. This, running Android 4.0, allows access to many applications from the Play Store, as well as home applications such as Gmail, Google Maps, and others. The VSD220 also has a 21.5-inch Full HD touchscreen and is available in Europe for € 429.

[Rumeur] HP could launch a smart TV under WebOS

1605978573 951 Revue high tech the news of the weekAccording to information from the blog Web OS Nation, HP wants to deploy its Open WebOS system on various media, including television.
The developers of the group are already working on a professional version of the operating system, which could be presented at CES in January 2013.

Nokia targets entry level with its Lumia 510

1605978573 782 Revue high tech the news of the weekNokia revealed last Tuesday its new Lumia 510. This entry-level touchscreen smartphone is composed of a 4-inch screen, a Snapdragon S1 processor, 256 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage space all for just $ 199. The Lumia 510 will be launched in China and India starting next month. However, no information has been put forward as to his arrival in Europe.