[Revue high tech] the news of the week

by bold-lichterman

Discovery of Smartype, the keyboard that improves your typing speed, and a look back at the three high tech news items that marked the week: Archos, ZTE and Huawei

[Gadget de la semaine] Smartype, the keyboard that improves your typing speed

Created by the Israeli company Keyview, the keyboard Smartype has a miniature screen allowing its users to better see what they are typing.

Located just above the keys, this LCD screen displays what you write as you write, so you don’t have to constantly look up to check your typing. Keyview promises, through this new object, a Improved typing speed, reduced neck and eye pain, and typing errors eliminated.

Other features are also part of the device, such as the display of RSS feeds or messages from a Twitter or Facebook account.

For now reserved for purchase by Israeli consumers, the Smartype is also available in ” pre-order »For those who reside outside the territory, despite the fact that the price is not indicated.

High tech news of the week

ZTE attacks the high-end market with its Nubia smartphones

1605977377 424 Revue high tech the news of the weekAfter offering entry and mid-range models at attractive prices, ZTE is tackling the high-end market and announces the upcoming launch of a new collection of smartphones called Nubia.

The first model in this range, the ZTE Nubia Z5, will be equipped with a 5-inch screen and a 13-megapixel camera with an “Italian-style” design. ZTE, however, did not specify when it would launch or when the other products in the range would be announced.

Archos unveils its 80 Cobalt tablet

Revue high tech the news of the weekArchos seems to want to compete with Google’s Nexus 7 with its new tablet: the 80 Cobalt. Coming from the Elements range, it is equipped with an 8-inch touch screen and operates under Android Ice Cream Sandwich for a storage capacity of 8GB.

In short, despite an undisclosed price and release date as of yet, the 80 Cobalt could meet the needs of users on a budget.

Huawei presents the Ascend D2 phablet

1605977377 307 Revue high tech the news of the weekA few days after announcing the Honor 2, Huawei presents its phablet: the Ascend D2.

What could be the new competitor of the Galaxy Note 2 has a 5-inch screen (1280 x 720 pixels) and runs Android Jelly Bean. We do not yet have more details on the device (price and release date), however Huawei will plan a “global” release.