[Revue high tech] the news of the week

by bold-lichterman

Discovery of chewing gum battery and return to three news high tech that marked the week …

[Gadget de la semaine] The chewing gum battery

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Amidst the many accessories to keep your phone battery going, a new concept arrives on the market: the chewing gum battery, created by a young designer named Ping-Yi Li.

Thin, flexible and sold in any service station or distributor, it is intended to replace your phone charger, at least for a few hours. Charging with solar energy and sticking to the back of your device, it can be used on smartphones as well as on computers or audio players.

The “chewing gum battery” is not yet on sale and we do not know the price, but it should soon arrive on the Asian market.

The three high-tech news of the week

  • Wii U to release in France on November 30

1605994842 623 Revue high tech the news of the weekSatoru Shibata, president of the European division of Nitendo, announced yesterday in a video posted on the internet that the Wii U would be marketed in Europe from November 30.

This one, whose controller called GamePad should look like a touchscreen tablet, will be launched in two versions: white and equipped with 8 GB of storage, or black with 32 GB of storage and accompanied by a charging stand for the GamePad and the game “Nintendo Land”.
At the launch of the product, Nintendo should market a new version of its game “Mario”, whose fame should persuade players to invest in the product. The launch of the Wii U is supported by numerous publishers such as Ubisoft and its catalog made up of suites (“Rayman Legends”) and new licenses (“ZombiU”).

The Wii U will be sold for 299 € for the 8GB version and 349 € for the 32GB version with the game “NintendoLand”.

  • The Google TV box launched at the end of September

1605994843 89 Revue high tech the news of the weekAs we told you the day before yesterday, Google TV should arrive in France the week of September 24, 2012, two years after its launch in the United States. The same day, the Sony box for connecting your TV to the Internet will hit the market.

This two-sided box has the Chrome browser on board and is connected to the TV via the HDMI socket. Viewers will therefore be able to go on the internet while watching television, on the same screen, where they will find the Google services panel (search engine, YouTube or even the Google Play application store) but also the Sony catalog. Entertainment Network bringing together music and videos. Now let’s hope that the launch of the box and the Google TV are not postponed, as has already been the case.

  • Apple launched the iPhone 5

Is there still something interesting to say about the iPhone 5? The comments are there for that …