[Revue high tech] the news of the week

by bold-lichterman

Discovery of GPS shoes and return to three news high tech that marked the week: Samsung, HP and LG…

[Gadget de la semaine] The GPS Shoes “No Place Like Home”

British designer Dominic Wilcox created the ” No Place Like Home », GPS shoes programmed to guide you in all circumstances without having to take your smartphone out of your pocket.

After entering the desired destination using mapping software, the GPS, which is integrated in the heel of your left shoe, is activated. It then communicates the direction to follow to the user through of a ring of LED lights. The left shoe’s GPS data communicates wirelessly with the right shoe, which contains a distance indicator that lets its user know how much longer they need to walk. The GPS is powered by a battery similar to those found in mobile phones.

Designed in collaboration with the British shoemaker Stamp Shoes and with Becky Stewart, an expert in interactive technologies, the GPS shoes were made as part of the Global Footprint, in England. The most curious will be able to discover the life-size “No Place Like Home” until September 26 at the gallery KK Outlet gallery from London.

The three high tech news of the week

  • Samsung’s 75-inch Smart TV soon available in France

1605991792 640 Revue high tech the news of the weekSamsung has announced that the launch of its 75-inch (1.90m) ES9000 3D LED TV, presented at IFA 2012, will take place in October in France.
It incorporates a webcam, taking advantage of the “Smart Interaction” function which allows you to control your TV thanks to voice control, motion detection and facial recognition. A real Smart TV which, according to the W3sh site, would be available as of today for an exclusive test at the FNAC in Monaco. If you live too far away, it will take a few weeks to get it at a price of € 7999.

  • [Rumeur] HP back on the smartphone market with “Bender”?

1605991792 602 Revue high tech the news of the weekHP, which had suffered the failure of its mobiles under WebOS, had hastily left the smartphone market to focus on computers. The firm should however, according to information from SlashGear, soon to announce its big comeback.

According to a benchmark, an Android smartphone with the code name Bender is in circulation. It would run under Ice Cream Sandwich and would be equipped with a 1366 x 720 pixel screen. This news arrives shortly after Meg Whitman, CEO of HP, ad that the brand would finally have a smartphone in its name in the future. She had thus assured that they were not in a hurry, but that they would be back with a solid device.

  • LG presents its Pocket Photo, a wireless connected printer

1605991793 633 Revue high tech the news of the weekWant to print a photo instantly from your smartphone? LG’s tiny Pocket Photo, which measures nearly 7.1 x 11.9 x 2.3 cm and weighs 112 grams, could do the trick.

Photos taken on your phone can be sent to it via NFC technology, Bluetooth, or a USB port. An Android app will also allow users to edit photos, apply filters, messages and even QR codes. The Pocket Photo will invest in South Korea first, at a price of $ 169. The leaves will be sold separately, for about $ 5 per ten. No launch forecast in Europe has yet been announced.