[Réseaux mobiles] Eric Besson castigates the position of Paris town hall

by bold-lichterman

Eric Besson, the Minister of Industry and the Digital Economy has just issued criticisms against the position of the mayor of Paris on the deployment of mobile networks.

Reseaux mobiles Eric Besson castigates the position of Paris town

The latter wishes, in fact, to suspend the deployment of relay antennas in the capital. A decision that follows the desire of telecom operators to increase the threshold for exposure to electromagnetic waves from mobile telephones. In a press release, the minister qualifies this decision as ” hasty and disproportionate ”.

According to him, the position of the city of Paris is “Contrary to both the letter and the spirit of the charter relating to the establishment of relay antennas signed on March 20, 2003 by the City of Paris and the mobile operators, which reflects the will of the City of Paris and the operators of continue to develop mobile telephony ”.

For his part, Mao Peninou, deputy mayor of Paris, considers that the operators are taking advantage of “the absence of a government decision on the regulation of the power of electromagnetic waves to try to impose deregulation in this area”.

Eric Besson for his part invites the City of Paris to resume discussions with the operators in order to unblock the deployment of relay antennas. Negotiations more than desired so that “Parisians are not deprived of the advantages of very high mobile speed” when the government is about to hand over the first 4G licenses …