[Rendez-vous] IBM: Chat with your data in natural language with Watson Analytics

by bold-lichterman

Come find out how Watson Analytics disrupts the processing and restitution of data.

Data analysis and use in business requestnt many resources; expertise, tools, specialists in Business Intelligence and Data Scientists. Thanks to years of research in Cognitive Computing, IBM finally put freet available startups and of developers his tool in Big Data analytics cloud: Watson Analytics.

Through sunderstanding natural language, shas the ability to quickly interpret and process huges quantities of information, the Watson initiative makes it easy to take advantage of your databases, whatever your business.

From marketing to sales, from law to finance, including human resources, a large number of professions are concerned.

Consultants, influencers, strategists, experts and managers, passionate about the field of possibilities opened up by such technology, IBM invites you to participate in a breakfast dedicated to the concrete uses of Watson for your organization.

Gene Villeneuve, European Predictive & Business Intelligence Leader, will present and demonstrate this technology. With nearly 20 years of experience in data analysis, Gene Villeneuve regularly speaks at events and exhibitions dedicated to Business Intelligence.

This breakfast, hosted by Damien Douani, expert in digital innovations, will take place on November 17 next in the Frenchweb premises, 55 rue de Bretagne in Paris (75003) from 8:30 am to 10:00 am.

To participate, register for free by filling out the form below

Please note that the number of places for this breakfast is limited and the selection of participants will be managed directly by IBM.