Remarketing specialist Ve acquires French start-up Qunb

by bold-lichterman

The remarketing specialist Ve, based in London, has just acquired the French start-up Qunb, who had won the Startup Competition LeWeb in 2012 in Paris.

The operation was finalized on “several million euros” partly in stock exchanges and, in cash. This is an operation of"acqua-hiring ”for the British, who sees Qunb’s data-science and data-visualiation expertise as a real big data brick that it lacked. The British is developing a range of conversion optimization products on e-commerce sites: “Ve (pronounce ‘V6’) sees a complete explosion of its products, but had not yet had time to develop the expertise big data ”. It is now done, with the integration of a team of 7 people who will stay in Paris and develop their expertise in collecting data from Google Insights and Google Analytics for Ve.

“Paris, the best place for big data”

For Cyrille Vincey, co-founder of Qunb with Jean-Baptiste Théard, being based in Paris was one of the key points of the takeover: “Paris is the best place to develop big data, developers are of a very high level. In London, they are much more expensive… ”. The Parisian team should grow quickly, the recruitment potential is “unlimited” we are told.

Cyrille Vincey now wants to believe in the ambition of a future remarketing “giant”: “The range of solutions developed by Ve is explosive. It is a “Criteo X 10” because it currently monitors and analyzes 33% of the global e-commerce market. They now monitor sales on 1 billion product references and increase conversion by 25%, via solutions that are easy to install, such as chat with a layer of artificial intelligence, and also emailing solutions. I very quickly understood that they were going to become a juggernaut of the web ”, indicates Cyrille, who sees in this merger a real opportunity to take advantage of his massive data analysis solution, a big data brick that the company lacked. English, and which will be used in particular to develop the pre-marketing segment.

Ve, founded in 2009 by the very independent entrepreneur David Brown (he refuses any pact with investment funds), would be valued at 680 million pounds, or more than 850 million euros. A valuation that had increased following the recent acquisition of adtech GDM Digital for 12 million dollars.

David J. Brown, CEO and Co-Founder of Ve, said, “Qunb has a very talented staff and is a global leader in data monitoring and visualization. By combining Qunb’s technology and expertise with the VE offering, we will be able to give our customers an unprecedented level of visibility into the shopping habits of consumers online. “. In short, to become the “Nielsen of the online economy”.

Qunb was launched in 2012 and had integrated two accelerators: Le Camping and TechStars in Boston. The start-up had raised 1 million euros without revealing the name of its investors.