Reinventing its commercial strategy in an era of the omnipotence of instant messaging

by bold-lichterman

Gone are the days when it was enough to drain your prospects on your website, get them to complete a form and contact them quickly to present them a commercial offer, according to Armen Zildjian, VP of Sales at Drift. In the presentation “3 Things Every Sales Team Needs to Be Thinking About in 2017», The company specializing in conversational marketing provides advice to sales professionals to adapt their practices to new uses on the Web.

In fact, for the past two years, the 4 most popular messaging applications have claimed more users in aggregate than the 4 main social networks, according to Business Insider data included in the presentation. Brands therefore have every interest in integrating a conversational component into their commercial strategy.

Interaction with a prospect when he visits the website, therefore when he is receptive to the sales pitch, possibility of qualifying leads using bots before putting them in touch with a member of the sales team, more individualized relationships with prospects: so many good practices made possible by cats.

Photo credit: Pixabay