Reelevant “contextualizes” marketing emails according to time and weather

by bold-lichterman

How to personalize emails that are sent to a mass of users? By contextualizing them, according to Reelevant. This start-up offers to take into account the weather and the time when opening an email to adapt the content. “We will be able to change all the images, call to action, the banners… to adapt them to the context of the subscriber ”, explains to Frenchweb Vincent Martinet, the founder.

The subscriber’s context depends on several elements: his location, the weather forecast for the place where he is, the temperature or even the device used. “The impact of weather on impulse or buying behavior is proven. We offer marketers the opportunity, in the campaign creation process, to master the context of the subscriber, ”explains Vincent Martinet.

Start internationalization

The objective: to increase the ROI and the conversion rates of the campaigns of each e-mail sent with personalized and adapted content. The solution developed by the company also analyzes the behavior of each recipient in terms of opening e-mails so that, when sending an e-mailing campaign, the e-mails are sent “one by one”. and at the “best time” according to the habits of each subscriber.

To accelerate, Reelevant intends to begin its internationalization in Europe and the United States within a year and reach 20,000 users.

More details with the interview of Vincent Martinet, the founder of Reelevant.

Founder: Vincent Martinet

Creation: 2010

Market : and e-mail marketing contextualization solutions

Funding: € 1.3 million raised in January 2015

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