[Rapport] Idate publishes an inventory of digital issues in 2012

by bold-lichterman

Review of the digital economy 2011, key themes of 2012 and analysis of the economic map of the digital world … Here are the three main axes around which is articulated the 12th edition of the DigiWorld Yearbook, what has just published Idate. A sort of best-of from the institute’s work, this 193-page long book provides a summary of the development of the telecoms, internet and media markets around the world.

Rapport Idate publishes an inventory of digital issues in 2012The publication therefore begins by taking stock of the year 2011. Thus, according to Idate, the Digiworld market (comprising telecoms, IT and television) experienced moderate growth last year with 3,069 billion. € of income, down from almost 3% compared to the evolution of the economy as a whole. Geographically, Idate notes strong dispersions between advanced regions and emerging regions. Indeed, if the former continue to concentrate most of the world market in terms of value, with a share of 68% in 2011, they have again lost nearly two points in one year.

Regarding the major axes which should mark the year 2012, Idate identifies three levers via mobility, the cloud and big data. The mobile should thus accelerate banking in Africa, but also constitute the next growth engine of Facebook or democratize the Internet of things. According to the institute, the second major transformation is also clearly underway with the migration to the cloud. Idate, however, points to the heterogeneity of this movement. Finally, with regard to Big Data, “the question of the capacity of national public authorities to agree on the rules and best practices, and that of the right balance between the relevance of the services and services offered to customers and the citizens’ concern to maintain control of their personal data… ”

In a final part, Idate questions the decline of telecom operators in Europe. The institute is more specifically concerned about a gap observed between the North American market and that of Europe. Indeed, according to its data, across the Atlantic, the mobile sector saw its revenues grow by 4.5% in 2011 while in Europe, the consolidated turnover of operators fell by 0.5%. Beyond this observation, Idate explains “to question the balances of a policy that fails to promote investment and innovation in the very high-speed infrastructure that Europe needs and competition and price control policies. “

The full document is available at the following prices: Paper: 99.99 Eur incl.tax and PDF and iPad: 54.99 incl.