Rakuten launches an “Institute of Technology” in Paris and will forge partnerships with universities

by bold-lichterman

It will be made up of a team of 20 engineers before the end of the year.

RakutenMalaysiaJapanese internet services and e-commerce giant Rakuten announces the launch of a Rakuten Institute of Technology (RIT) in Paris, a center dedicated to research and development of technologies usable by the sector. RIT is already based in Boston and Tokyo, so Rakuten is opening its 3rd R&D center in Paris. The premises will be located on the 5th floor of the building occupied by PriceMinister, owned by the group since 2010, and will accommodate up to 20 engineers before 2015.

“Rakuten provides e-commerce services all over the world and its business spans many areas like logistics, Kobo e-readers, payment cards, and more. Innovation is fundamental to improving these services and anticipating their uses. This is the mission of the RIT! The Paris team will focus more particularly on the connection between physical stores and online services, as well as new modes of interaction ”explains Laurent Ach, the director of the establishment, who joined the group. to take charge of the creation of this structure.

“The RIT is collaborating with universities in Tokyo and New York on some projects and we are also starting to establish partnerships in Paris with universities and other companies but I cannot give more details at the moment” explains he at Frenchweb. “In Paris, recruitment will be done more particularly in the field of user interfaces, virtual and augmented reality and connected objects”

The Rakuten Institute of Technology is at the origin of solutions used by the multinational whose Rakuten Analytics Tracker, which analyzes the engagement between consumers and the brand or even the TOHO Recommendation Engine, the product recommendation service. “The success of the Rakuten group in Europe and in France is crowned by the inauguration of our R&D center in Paris” declares Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, director of Rakuten Europe.