Radars: the Ministry of the Interior pinned by the CNIL for its data storage policy

by bold-lichterman

The Ministry of the Interior was pinned on Wednesday by the CNIL which accuses it of keeping the photos of the plates of vehicles passing in front of its so-called “section” radars for too long. These speed control systems, numbering around a hundred in France, do not measure the instantaneous speed of vehicles but their average speed over a certain distance (generally from a few hundred meters to a few kilometers).

The automatic terminals at the entrance and exit of the section read the car plates, take pictures of the vehicles and note the exact time of passage. They collect this data on all vehicles circulating on the controlled section, whether or not they are in violation, recalls the Cnil (National Commission for Information Technology and Freedoms).

Insufficient security

Gold, “The license plate numbers of vehicles which have not committed an offense are kept for more than 13 months for complete numbers, and more than 4 years for numbers truncated by two characters, well beyond the period of twenty -four hours provided for by the decree “ of 2004 organizing their deployment, regretted the CNIL in its press release. The CNIL also criticizes the insufficient security of the storage of this data.

She noted in fact ” a lack of robustness of the passwords, an unsatisfactory traceability of the accesses and an insufficient management of the access rights to the application at the level of the service provider of the ministry ”, she says. ” The Ministry of the Interior has three months to comply with the law (…) on the two breaches ”, indicated the Cnil. If the ministry “Does not comply with this formal notice within the time limit”, the CNIL may pronounce a sanction.