Quelle Histoire raises more than 200,000 euros to develop new applications

by bold-lichterman

What a story, publisher of edutainment applications for children, raised funds of € 200,200 from 16 members of Paris Business Angels.

Quelle Histoire raises more than 200000 euros to develop new

This capital increase will allow Quelle Histoire to speed up the production rate of its applications to distribute 3 new ones per month on iPhone and iPad. The publisher also intends to expand its target by developing new collections on themes such as mythology or art, intended for an older audience. Finally, a more aggressive strategy should be implemented in the development of its paper collections, with the release of 8 titles per year.

Created by Albin Quéru and Romain Jubert, Quelle Histoire offers edutainment applications based on learning through play. Available on iPhone and iPad, the 11 applications created by Quelle Histoire allow young children to discover the great characters in a fun way of history, from Charlemagne to Louis XIV via De Gaulle and Mandela.