Qubit favors the French market to impose itself on the optimization of customer experiences

by bold-lichterman

Created in 2010 by four former Google employees, Qubit does not hide its ambition to become a major player in the data analysis market. To achieve this, the British platform also considers France as a gateway of choice. After raising 40 million dollars (36.1 million euros) in February 2016, Qubit intends to be present across the entire analysis chain, from AB testing to the personalization of data.

The Qubit platform brings together the following applications: analytics, segmentation, A / B testing and digital personalization. These applications are based on the Visitor Cloud, a real-time data supply chain making it possible to create a single view of customers across all points of contact. Qubit can thus cover the entire customer experience, from website optimization to in-store merchandising.

For London society, the potential is immense. In France alone, the market for analytics, big data and data management solutions is estimated at 1.9 billion euros at the end of 2015, according to the firm Markess. Its growth is expected at an annual rate of more than 12% between 2016 and 2018. In this ultra-competitive market, and to attract the best talents, especially developers, Qubit has sought the support of its investors. The Briton has a total of 76 million dollars in investments.

In France, Qubit has already won over several brands such as Occitane, Ubisoft, Intersport, whose presence in Europe allows them to reach new targets.

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