Qualcomm accuses Apple of stealing its trade secrets to benefit Intel

by bold-lichterman

The long legal battle that Qualcomm delivers to Apple has escalated, the semiconductor giant now accusing the Apple brand of having stolen its manufacturing secrets to share them with its great rival Intel.

Qualcomm added this new charge on Monday to the proceedings initiated in the summer of 2017 against Apple, according to court documents obtained by AFP. Qualcomm accuses Apple ” for orchestrating a campaign of several years, with false promises, operated undercover and made of subterfuge to steal confidential information and trade secrets of Qualcomm To help Intel and other rivals in the field of mobile chips.

“Once again Apple has betrayed its contractual commitments”

Apple’s goal was to buy this type of chip from Intel rather than Qualcomm, the latter accuses. ” Apple once again betrayed its contractual commitments and appropriated Qualcomm’s rights in order to improve performance and increase profits“, Told AFP Don Rosenberg, legal director of Qualcomm.

When questioned, Apple referred to a comment made in June 2017 at the time of the micro-processor manufacturer’s first complaint. ” The illegal way Qualcomm does business is hurting Apple and the industry as a whole“, Already explained the inventor of the iPhone. ” They provide us with a single use component but for years they have asked us for a percentage of the total cost of our products“, Underlines Apple.

Apple also accuses Qualcomm of claiming royalties for unjustified patents. Apple sourced from Qualcomm for a long time before turning to Intel, but launched lawsuits against the former early last year and claimed billions of dollars in damages. Similar lawsuits were also initiated by Apple against Qualcomm in China. Qualcomm counterattacked.