Pulled by Saas, Cegid reached € 282 million in sales in 2015

by bold-lichterman

The Lyon software publisher Cegid reports a turnover of 282.1 million euros for its 2015 financial year, up 5.8% over one year. Current operating income reached € 39.1 million and net profit group share was set at € 23.2 million.

60% of turnover is “recurring”

Cegid is particularly pleased with its marketing strategy. Revenues from Saas, that is to say software marketed as a service, jumped 31.8% last year, reaching 62.8 million euros. In the end, “recurring revenue of nearly 170 million euros, which includes cloud service and maintenance contracts (software and hardware), is up 8.9% on a current basis (…) and represents 60% of total turnover ”, indicates Patrick Bertrand’s group.

In addition, Cegid has also stepped up initiatives to develop outside France. In April 2015, he took over the American company JDS Solutions, which develops software for brick and mortar merchants. At the end of the year, he also joined Technomedia. Based in Montreal, the latter specializes in Saas solutions for human resources.

Several acquisitions

In this context, Cegid reported 24.5 million euros in international sales last year, an increase of more than 25%, “after taking into account the integration of JDS Solutions Corporation as of June 1, 2015 and Technomedia as of December 1, 2015 ”.

In France, the company also acquired Altaven, a tax software publisher, and Magelia, a start-up that is developing a Saas platform for e-merchants and the management of omnichannel orders.