Public-Idées and Place des Leads combine for a “scientific” approach to digital marketing

by bold-lichterman

The Public-Idées agency, a company specializing in performance marketing which has just celebrated its ten years and the Place des Leads agency merge. This marriage gives birth to a new entity called “TimeOne”. In the process, the new group also announces the acquisition of VariousAD, a website publishing company created in 2008 and specialized in performance.

Private equity firm Ardian led the merger between the two agencies. It leaves the two majority management teams in the capital of the group whose consolidated group turnover is 50 million euros.

Founded in 2010 by Ralph Ruimy and Hervé Dugauchy, Leads Square From the outset, it focused on three types of activities: a lead consignment store, an affiliate platform and traffic capture technology. In the merger, it brings its customer base to the banking and insurance sectors, two sectors that will be of particular interest to TimeOne. Automotive groups are also in the sights.

“TimeOne is positioned on content, data and a new form of so-called prescriptive marketing”, with a “scientific” approach, predict the two agencies after the merger. It also intends to base its services on a DMP specific and common to the various divisions of the group.

Julien Vottero, CEO of VariousAD becomes Chief Content Officer of TimeOne, whose objective is to cover all skills in digital marketing, from mobile to programmatic, including native advertising.

“Our approach, focused on data, will redefine the interaction between advertisers and Internet users. We believe in a conversational marketing approach capable of defining a new interaction with the consumer, ”says Ralph Ruimy, co-president of TimeOne. “We are part of the construction of a major group positioned on content, data and prescriptive marketing”, adds Sylvain Gross, co-founder and CEO of Public-Ideas than Frenchweb had received in Debrief of the Week at the start of the 2015 school year.

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