Public cloud: how OVH is accelerating in the Asia-Pacific region

by bold-lichterman

OVH is accelerating in the Asia-Pacific region. The French cloud service provider announces the launch of its public cloud service in Australia via the Equinix data center located in Sydney. The service was also installed in Singapore through a data center managed by Telstra.

These announcements follow the opening of an office in Melbourne in 2017 with the ambition to expand in the region. They also correspond to OVH’s desire to adopt a “multi-local” strategy. by physically bringing data centers closer to end users.

“Alternative global supplier”

OVH now offers its services from 28 data centers also located in Poland, the United Kingdom, Canada and France (Strasbourg and Gravelines). The company whose head office is located in Roubaix therefore continues to expand its “Public Cloud” offer based on OpenStack open source technologies.

Last October, the company had just presented its strategy to succeed in winning against the giants of the sector that are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft + cloud “target =” _blank “> Microsoft or Google. For this, Octave Klaba, the founder, explained how the group intended to position itself as an “alternative” global supplier to the American giants, relying in particular on its open technology. The goal? That customers who entrust their IT infrastructure to OVH can keep control and be able, if necessary, to easily change supplier. “We allow our customers to keep control of their data“, He also declared.

OVH is targeting a billion euros in turnover for 2021.