Prynt turns the smartphone into a Polaroid and explodes the counters on Kickstarter

by bold-lichterman

Phone or instant printer? With Prynt we don’t really know. This small case just a little wider than a protective shell transforms the smartphone in mini-Polaroid. This miniaturized printer was imagined by French people living in Paris and the United States, and it explodes every counters on the American crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Since the campaign was launched a few hours ago, the project has already raised $ 235,808, the target set was $ 50,000.

Prynt is compatible with terminals running Android and iOS, and is associated with applications developed for this purpose. Precisely, it adapts to iPhone 5 and more and to Galaxy S4 and S5, however it is not usable with tablets or phablets.

A team supported by Agoranov in Paris

The idea was born a year ago, then the very first prototype was born in May 2014. When designing this miniature printer, the difficulty was to maintain a constant print rendering and avoid overheating of the printer. housing, which required mastering the process from a thermal point of view.

The team – led by Clément Perrot, co-founder and CEO – has been supported by the American accelerator Haxlr8r since July and presented the concept of this mini-printer to “graft” at CES in Las Vegas in early January. The project is also incubated at Agoranov in Paris. The team of 7 people is spread across the Atlantic on one side and the other.

Next steps: the start of production in March, then the testing phases in May and July… to lead, the team hopes, to marketing next October. Who knows? This little clip-on box may finally bring out smartphones the millions of photos that sleep there and which, most of the time, never get printed.