Protestant Disruption – Episode 8 – Fifty Shades of Failure

by bold-lichterman

The startup nation is inclusive, caring and keeps saying that failure is not a problem. On the contrary, it must be valued and shown that it is only a step towards success. The finding is indeed indisputable. And even if we have felt a slight tremor for a few months, these stories are often absent from the media and from the speeches of the institutions that promote the myth of Entrepreneurship for all. However, there are 9 out of 10 companies that fail even if we make them dangle that it is enough to send wood to send them wheat.

It was therefore logical to end this season 1 with a story of failure. Not a box that closes after a few months for lack of an interesting idea or for lack of having succeeded in making itself known. It is still very common despite all the acceleration and incubation programs that abound across the country. The story told in this episode is that of B Sensory, startup star of the French #Sextech, awarded at CES and in liquidation for a few months.

The story is told to you here with its founder, Christel Le Coq, without tongue in cheek and with a hindsight and lucidity which commands respect so quickly after the end of the company. And above all, the lessons learned by Christel as well as her current projects will show you an optimistic and positive version of failure …

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1605286504 948 Protestant Disruption Episode 8 Fifty Shades of FailurePassionate about new uses of sound (narrative audio, 3D sound) and augmented reality, Antoine worked for 4 years on digital cultural projects for major French and North American institutions. He develops new sound experiences in various fields. Disruption Protestante is his first intrusion into the world of podcasting which allows him to offer a different and general public vision of new technologies in an American-style format still little heard in our regions …