Protestant Disruption – Episode 7 – The podcast, the new goose that lays golden eggs in “digital marketing”?

by bold-lichterman

While the podcast is on everyone’s lips (but not many ears yet), it’s interesting to talk about the business side of the podcast.

Of course, the subject is too complex to cover it all in one 25-minute episode. But thanks to two interviews carried out with Erwan Jegouzo, CTO of Pippa, and to a round table organized by Audible France last March at the Paris Book Fair, we can already take stock of the state of the art at the end of June. 2018.

“Podcast” is such a catch-all word that it can mean a lot of different things. In this episode, we take a special interest in audio content creators who are professional or who wish to become one.

On a closer look, it looks like blogging and then YouTube or Twitter previously. Bogus influence and unbridled marketing lead to total confusion about everyone’s goals:

  • make money from advertising
  • use it as a lead product to sell training or service in the case of Tech “podcasts”
  • tell stories, explore new horizons in sound creation

You can also listen to Erwan’s full interview, carried out in Rennes at the beginning of April where he tells us about his atypical career, the creation of Pippa in New York and what he likes about the podcast.

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1605286504 948 Protestant Disruption Episode 8 Fifty Shades of FailurePassionate about new uses of sound (narrative audio, 3D sound) and augmented reality, Antoine worked for 4 years on digital cultural projects for major French and North American institutions. He develops new sound experiences in various fields. Disruption Protestante is his first intrusion into the world of podcasting which allows him to offer a different and general public vision of new technologies in an American-style format still little heard in our regions …