Protestant Disruption – Episode 6: Why the Electric Rooster Dreams of Las Vegas

by bold-lichterman

Voice assistants have invaded our interiors for a few months. This month, Amazon is coming to the French market with Alexa. Despite the start of Google and Amazon’s hegemony in the market, young French shoots are launching into the battle with different values, such as that of privacy and data security for example. Haapie, based in Rennes, is one of them. Meeting today with its founders, Carolyn Hogg and Frédéric Soufflet.

The company participated in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last January. Carolyn and Frédéric tell us about their experience in this great annual mass of consumer electronics. We will be able to compare this return with the vision of the French CES specialist, Olivier Ezratty (Frenchweb expert).

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