Pricing Assistant optimizes purchases on Google AdWords based on competitor prices

by bold-lichterman

Being ready to react to any price change among competitors: this is the promise of Pricing Assistant, a Parisian start-up which is developing a price monitoring tool in the e-commerce sector. Going further, the company also offers automated keyword purchasing software on Google to fight back against the competition when it adjusts its prices. The objective: to help e-merchants to optimize their shopping campaign.

For this, the e-merchant first chooses its objective: to optimize its margin or its turnover in order to personalize the auctions according to the e-merchants. “We automatically detect the products on which they have a price advantage and on which they should invest and advertise on Google AdsWords», Explains to Frenchweb Martin de Charette, the co-founder.

To optimize bids on Google AdWords, Pricing Assistant takes into account the purchase price negotiated by e-merchants with their supplier, but also their competitive positioning. “Each e-merchant will have personalized auctions“. More details with Martin de Charette, the co-founder.

CEO: Martin de Charette

Creation: 2013

Market : tariff monitoring software

Funding: nearly 500,000 euros raised in 2013

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