[Présidentielle] Program comparison tools

by bold-lichterman

D – 73. The first round of the presidential elections is fast approaching and with it the lively debates and discussions! If all the candidates have not yet officially presented themselves, it is time to decode the various programs offered.

What is François Hollande’s position on the environment? What about Eva Joly’s on education? It is often difficult to have a global vision of the guidelines developed by each political figure. Applications, websites … FrenchWeb offers you a small toolbox that will allow you to make comparisons between each program and maybe see it a little more clearly …

The mobile application and the web platform Voxe.org allows users to compare the proposals of each candidate according to different themes (Employment economy, Educational research, Europe, Environment, Justice, etc.). After clicking on the 2012 presidential tab, you must first choose a first candidate, then a second and finally choose a theme. Voxe.org then offers a comparison of the respective proposals, resulting from the official programs. These can then be enriched with comments, videos or links. For now, the service is still incomplete in the sense that each candidate has not yet unveiled his program.

Presidentielle Program comparison tools

The site polls-election.com For its part, on its home page, it lists the main proposals and guidelines of the various programs of main French political parties for the 2012 presidential and legislative elections. A good way to have all the information on hand. However, the site, because of its linear form, does not really allow for real comparisons.

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SocialCompare is presented in the form of a table. The tool is intended to be collaborative and therefore allows Internet users to add details on the content of the programs, but also on other political parties to compare. For better visibility, the parties are ranked from left to right according to their political edge. Just like voxe.org, the table is still under development since the programs and projects of the parties are not yet all known and official.

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Finally, if your heart still swings between left and right, the iPhone application called Electoral compass allows you to determine which candidate you are closest to. Free, the application offers three questionnaires around major social themes, candidates’ proposals and your lifestyle. The first 2 will position you on the electoral compass. The last one checks if your lifestyle conforms to your political opinions.

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