Presidential 2017: to “Uberize” politics, the citizen revolt must advance like a start-up

by bold-lichterman

When I published my post on theUberisation of political life, I received no comments telling me that I was unblocking. I was even invited to TV to talk about it. With others, more “knowing” than me, and who were saying the same thing.

“To civic acts! »Politicians and citizens: disenchantment

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Many have told me, however: a president from civil society? 2017 may be too early. I am not a political scientist, rather an internetologist. But what I do know is that the phenomenon of disintermediation is a factor of acceleration and surprise.

And then when I look at what is happening I ask myself: ok, it’s too early. But in 2022, will it not be too late?

Presidential 2017 to “Uberize” politics the citizen revolt must advance

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To speak of Uberization of politics is to say that political and union leaders are like taxis. Not effective, but we have no choice. And then one day, by the “horizontalizing” force of the Internet, start-ups like Uber or BlaBlaCar offered to transport people to all those who had a car. It was in 2011. Today, Uber has become a monster. Maybe not a model. But the symbol of the power of disintermediation when it is able to structure itself.

Disintermediation is a fact (by disintermediation I mean people who stop waiting from above and start to turn to each other, to think aloud together, but above all to act). It is difficult to measure because it is developing more and more from individual to individual. It’s not just Facebook anymore, it’s messaging, it’s Snapchat that none of us is screwed about to say which are the personalities that emerge with millions of videos seen by more than 40% of young people.

Presidential 2017 to “Uberize” politics the citizen revolt must advance

Disintermediation works by entropy. For better and for worse. With the Internet, disorder can spread in three different ways: either it spreads like cancer, and it is Daesh, or it organizes itself in a pack, and it is the extremes of the right and of the left, or it structures itself. in a liquid way by collective intelligence.

People turned to each other. They realized that they had ideas, and if they didn’t they could learn on the Internet and grow by sharing. They also realized that we could act without going through the top. As proof, and this is only the most emblematic, this family SME which financed the construction of an ecological hydroelectric power station in Ariège, thanks to the crowd’s money. 1 million euros on a budget of 3 million euros.

So we could just do it. But there comes a time when you get exhausted. Where we realize the incredible gap that has widened between the crowd which acts and which agitates, and the political and trade union elite which runs empty.

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We must change the political software. But not to take power and act in place of those who no longer know how to act. The action is at the bottom. It is already spreading. We are no longer in a world where the State acts, and where the people are content to vote while watching television. We are in a world where the people have been replaced by a crowd of individuals, who seek solutions, who find them, and who are already taking action.

We must now see the State as software, of which citizens and entrepreneurs are the programs. If the software does not let these programs run, they will detach from them and start running on their own. This is what we are already seeing with the phenomenon of blockchains. Micro-internet which is detached from the internet and functions as independent programs.

Yes, but then, how to overturn a political system that is at the end of its rope, but which was built to withstand anything?

There is still a candidate missing, and this candidate must gather the crowds, he must have 500 signatures, he must constitute a government and a majority in the assembly. We can see that it is the entire system that must be changed. But taken as a whole, the problem seems insoluble.

This is why this citizen revolt must function like a start-up. Go step by step. Break down barriers one by one. Create uses. But deliver quickly. Do not be in the only proposal of ideas, but start to act, very quickly. This is what does Alexandre Jardin with his zebras, who implement solutions with local elected officials (the least disconnected from politics), associations and entrepreneurs. We must not revolutionize. You have to invent.

1605556585 574 Presidential 2017 to “Uberize” politics the citizen revolt must advance

But we must go further. 78% of French people say they are ready to elect a president who is not from the parties. It may be too much, it will probably fall back to the ballot box, but… 78% anyway. That is to say everyone. 78%, how much will it fall? We start from above.

In the regions, 1.5 million voices went to citizen lists, led by complete strangers. If we add the 1.3 French people who voted white, that’s not far from 3 million.

Presidential 2017 to “Uberize” politics the citizen revolt must advance

There is, alongside citizen movements, a collective like the transition which stands out from the others by bringing together key figures from civil society: the president of the traders’ union, that of liberal doctors, the CGPME, farmers, the digital economy …

There are platforms like or like “the real primary», Which offer powerful software to organize a primary citizen who would legitimize a candidate, so that there is only one.

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1605556587 488 Presidential 2017 to “Uberize” politics the citizen revolt must advance

All these people are already talking to each other. The lines of code are ready. The weak signals are there. Anger too. But it may have turned into something more positive than turning to extremes, which is a form of non-choice. It is interesting to note that the sectors where the Transition had the most success are precisely those where the National Front has made the most progress.

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Everything is ready, lacks a sufficiently emblematic leader to lead voters to the presidential election. Because if the presidential election needs a boss less against the people than a leader with crowd, this disorder still lacks a figurehead.

There is no such thing as a providential man. On the other hand, it is a presidential election, and a leader is needed. Otherwise it risks being scattered in beautiful utopias and that is exactly what the power in place is looking for, just like the traditional opposition. Everyone knows they have a default vote. Le Pen too.

1605556587 568 Presidential 2017 to “Uberize” politics the citizen revolt must advance

But there too personalities are beginning to emerge. Emmanuel Macron, for example, making the front page of the new Express this week. I am talking about Macron because he is the first major character to position himself in this dynamic. I do not particularly support him, although I find his speech refreshing. He is not and will not be the only one. I met others who have not yet come forward. There are a few who are preparing, in the shade or barely veiled. Some more opportunistic, others perhaps still too “political”.

After this step, you will have to change the software. But one thing at a time. Start-up spirit. Stone after stone.

So too early 2017? What if we no longer had a choice?

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