Predictive analysis: MyDataModels raises 2.5 million euros from Speedinvest

by bold-lichterman

MyDataModels, a French startup specializing in predictive analysis for businesses, is raising 2.5 million euros in seed from Speedinvest, Earlybird and Région Sud Investissement. The startup based in Valbonne aims in particular to finance its international development and democratize its solution among very small and medium-sized businesses.

Founded in 2018 by Alain Blancquart and Denis Bastiment, MyDataModels is developing a predictive analysis platform based on machine learning technologies. Called TADA, its solution is aimed at large groups as well as very small businesses and SMEs. Indeed, the French startup intends to democratize predictive analysis in companies, regardless of their size. To do this, the solution was designed to support professionals who do not have specific knowledge in artificial intelligence. MyDataModels has already won over large groups, particularly in healthcare and industry such as Sanofi, Allianz, Schneider Electric and Thales.

This new fundraising will enable us to strengthen our positioning with the large groups that we support and at the same time support our growth with the smallest and medium-sized companies. », Comments Alain Blancquart, CEO of MyDataModels. “ Professionals must be aware of the power brought by a precise analysis of their data and in particular of the smallest of them. “.

Of new AI technologies ”

For Speedinvest, which recently invested in AssurTech Luko on the occasion of a funding round of 50 million euros, MyDataModels’ technology is “ one of the most interesting technologies among investments [que nous avons] achieved so far ”, explains Marcel Vander Heijden, Deep Tech Lead Partner at Speedinvest. “They notably developed unique technical capabilities in the field of Mmchine learning and created patented technology in the field of genetic programming to create predictive AI models from small data sets (which are ubiquitous in most industries) “.

We have invested in digital startups in more than 20 countries across Europe. Our Deep Tech team is looking for technology-driven startups, that is, with defensible technologies that they use to solve big business client problems. We focus in particular on the applications of new AI technologies that offer new capabilities. MyDataModels now wants to accelerate its marketing strategy to develop in new markets, in France and internationally, while strengthening its workforce.

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MyDataModels: the key data

Founders: Alain Blancquart and Denis Bastiment
Creation: 2018
The head office: Valbonne, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur
Sector: DeepTech

Activity: predictive analytics

Funding: 2.5 million euros in seed from Speedinvest, Earlybird and Région Sud Investissement.