Predicsis anticipates online consumer behavior

by bold-lichterman

What if an e-merchant knows your next purchase in advance? This is what Predicsis, a start-up based in Lannion, Brittany, offers which is developing a data analysis platform whose purpose is to “Predict” the behavior of Internet users. The company claims to provide estimates with an average of over 80% reliability. The objective: to enable e-merchants, for example, to set up automatic customer retention actions and disseminate appropriate advertising campaigns.

To do this, the start-up analyzes a multitude of data points on the seller’s site. “We take the raw data – that is, there is no manual pre-processing – before injecting it into the machine learning. We have a processing time of 15 minutes ”, explains to Frenchweb Jean-Louis Fuccellaro, the co-founder of Predicsis. “Everything is automatic, the customer plugs in his data and retrieves a result”.

Spotted by Amazon

The company, which markets its offer in the form of a subscription, has developed its technology in the laboratories of Orange, which continues to use this technology internally. But the company has other large accounts among its customers, including EDF Luminus. To accelerate, the company raised 1 million euros last year.

Predicsis also wants to set sail for the United States and was noticed by Amazon in Las Vegas during its annual conference, which considered it one of the “4 start-ups to follow”. More details with Jean-Louis Fuccellaro, the co-founder:

CEO: Jean-Louis Fuccellaro

Creation: 2013

The head office : Lannion (Côtes-d’Armor)

Effective : 23 employees

Funding: € 1 million raised in 2014

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