Polka, Walldress, Ubudu, Appli Bibli … Zoom on the latest applications!

by bold-lichterman

Polka Magazine, Walldress, Ubudu and Sapiens.Sapid recently launched new mobile or Facebook applications respectively. Back in detail on these news.

Polka experiences the functionality of the iPad

Photojournalism magazine Polka launched last month its first application on iPad. This is the natural extension of the paper magazine with features specific to the iPad: videos, sound documents, but also exclusive photos. For now, two free editions of Polka are available on the tablet, enough to attract readers before the application becomes payable.

Polka Walldress Ubudu Appli Bibli Zoom on the latest applications

Tips: Ubudu launches its iPhone application

Sales, discounts, group purchases, discount coupons… Ubudu presents itself as a “good deals assistant”. Launched last January, the start-up presents today its iPhone application. Free, it offers in particular: extensive personalization thanks to an advanced search system (keyword, address, distance, price, center of interest), the possibility of setting up alerts on his favorite searches, and finally a “geo-monitoring” device, which can be activated as an option, which enables merchants to receive offers related to their areas of interest.

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Bibli app: to manage your book loans from your smartphone

Editor Sapiens.Sapid has just put online a new web application. Baptized Bibli app, it allows you to consult your user account of the City of Paris lending libraries from your smartphone, in a few seconds. The service thus offers the possibility of checking current loans, expected return dates, the status of reservations and any delays.

Walldress invests Facebook with a new application

Walldress, the interactive shopping store, recently launched its Facebook application called Social dress code. The application thus offers a photo and video gallery allowing users to obtain product proposals based on the looks they have viewed. Users can contribute by posting looks, share their favorites and give ideas to all their friends in real time on the social network.

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