[PODCAST] The party 2.0: barely dated in real life, drunk not even for real (2/2)

by bold-lichterman

Guest: Alexandre Pourchoux – digital specialist

These days there are hangover remedies, nightlife apps and 24 hour alcohol deliveries. Does this mean that the relationship to parties and fun has changed? The TMTM team gives you a date to find out more!

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  • David Melki, entrepreneur and investor


  • Barbara Meyer: coach and author

Barbara is the Silicon Valley correspondent of the Tech Me to The Moon Podcast in which she shares her passion for technology and her astonishment as a Frenchwoman in the land of paradox!
After 10 years in crisis communication for large companies, she became a graduate sports teacher (STAPS) and Pilates instructor to bring a unique vision of sport and the spirit of athletes to the business world and especially to entrepreneurs. She is the author of 4 Personal Development books for Éditions Eyrolles.
Arriving in San Francisco in 2014 to dive into the startup ecosystem, Barbara has worked with accelerators like The Refiners and French Tech Hub to optimize the performance of entrepreneurs.

  • Vincent Fernandes: sound designer and musician

Trained in sound professions and more particularly in the recording studio field, Vincent has also been a musician since the age of 3. He plays drums and backing vocals with his group REAVEN as well as self-taught guitar, piano and bass.

  • Sebastien Bourguignon: author and influencer

Sébastien Bourguignon is Principal and Lead Digital Influencer at the consulting firm Margo, he is an expert in digital and blockchain and supports his clients in their digital transformation. He also supports ICO projects through the company Chain Guru of which he is president. He created a blog to share news around startup themes and developed the #PortraitDeStartuper project, feedback from startupers on their entrepreneurial adventure.

  • Coralie Comblez: Sociologist and digital specialist

Coralie Comblez is a doctoral student in sociology of the imaginary. Researcher at CRESEM in Perpignan and at LERSEM in Montpellier, she is devoting her thesis to the evolution of the luxury imaginary in the face of the digitalization of lifestyles. She has carried out all of her professional experiences in the fashion, luxury and cosmetics worlds, developing two major areas of expertise: Retail and Digital.

A specialist in AI and a lifelong student, Julien has a degree in physics, economics and international business. After having worked all over the world in economics, finance and data science, Julien set up a company specializing in AI with a friend. Jalgos was born, a hybrid of R&D laboratory, algorithmic product factory, and intellectual production workshop.

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The contributor:

David Melki is an entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder, producer and host of Tech Me to The Moon. French entrepreneur, author, graduate of Ecole Centrale Paris, Audencia and University of Cincinnati. He has participated in 9 entrepreneurial and start-up creation projects in France and the United States. He worked within the CANAL + group for several years. A specialist in emerging trends, always at the forefront of new uses and new paradigms, he is at the forefront of emerging societal changes.

In 2018 he launched RastherMind Media, a digital production company with content focused on “Lifestyle & Society” based on audio. RastherMind launches its first Podcast, Tech Me to The Moon, which delivers the exchange it has with specialists around the questions that animate it at the moment: while we are often promised the moon, all these technical revolutions and technological help to create a desirable or detestable world?